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Abundant Wildlife & Birdlife

Within Dinokeng Game Reserve [DGR] the African wildlife includes lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard as well as a great many other species such as jackal, hyena, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, numerous different antelope, and many more. The variety and quantity of wildlife in the DGR is extensive and sightings rival often more remote parks.

The Dinokeng area is a bird-lovers paradise. An enormous number of bird species can be viewed, with the DGR area holding the world record for most bird species recorded in a 24-hour period.

Game Drives

We take you on our game drives early in the morning and in the late afternoon as these are the best times of day for spotting wildlife. We provide your own personal sun-screen and insect repellent packs as needed, and our blankets keep you snug in our winter season.

Peace & Tranquillity in Total Privacy & Luxury

Find peace and tranquility relaxing in complete privacy and luxury.

Other Activities - Within approx 30 mins from Golden Impalas:-

The following are not included in the rates but are available at extra cost subject to booking in advance:- Within approx 30 mins from Golden Impalas

  • Tour of Cullinan Diamond Mine [lunch included]

    Cullinan is renowned as a source of large, high-quality gem diamonds, including Type II stones, as well as being the world’s most important source of very rare blue diamonds. Cullinan earned its place in history with the discovery of the Cullinan diamond in 1905, the largest rough gem diamond ever found [3.106 carats] which was cut to form the two most important diamonds in the British Crown Jewels.

  • Tswaing Meteorite Impact Crater (picnic lunch included)

    Take a hike around the amazing Tswaing meteorite crater searching for fragments of rock which do not originate from our planet Earth, followed by a peaceful picnic lunch.

    Tswaing, which means “place of salt” in Setswana, is the site where a meteorite half a football field in size crashed into the Earth 220,000 years ago, forming a crater 1.4km in diameter and 200m deep. Tswaing crater is one of about 170 impact craters in the world and one of four known impact craters in South Africa. It's one of the invariable tourist attractions in South Africa. The Tswaing Crater is surrounded by dense bush. Tswaing Lake, is 100m in diameter in the centre of the crater, and is filled by rainwater and a spring. The lake once contained high concentrations of salt and soda ash that were mined for 44 years until 1956. The remains of the factory still stand near the lake. Visitors can choose between three trails that lead to and from the Tswaing Crater rim.

  • Hammanskraal traditional arts & crafts (lunch included)

    Spend a few relaxing hours browsing, chatting and negotiating with local artists, followed by a traditional lunch and beverages at one of the local villages or districts close to the DGR.

  • Pretoria tour including the famous Voortrekker monument [lunch included].

    Take a guided tour around the capital city of Pretoria including a visit to the famous Voortrekker monument.

Within approx 90 mins from Golden Impalas [further details upon request]:

  • Cradle of Humankind [including lunch]
  • Soweto tour [including lunch and shebeen visit]
  • Hartebeestpoort Dam curio shops and arts & crafts [including lunch]
  • Sandton & Joburg tour [including lunch]
  • Montecasino & Bird Park [including lunch]
  • Football, cricket & rugby matches [subject to sporting calendar and availability]
  • Pop & Rock Concerts [subject to availability]
  • Airport transfers